smoked fillet of salmon
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At Bleiker’s we combine traditional and authentic curing and smoking
processes that have been tried and tested for generations with the latest manufacturing technology.

Together this combination provides the platform for producing the finest smoked foods.



To achieve the finest quality smoked foods; we ensure that only the very best and freshest raw products are used.


Premium Scottish salmon fillets are traditionally cured on beds of the finest sea salt for approximately 6 hours depending on the size of fish. Our cure is simple, natural and pure. It is strictly NOT Bleiker’s policy to use brine injection to cure salmon in an effort to reduce weight loss.

It is also NOT Bleiker’s policy to extend product shelf life by over-salting or brining and then adding sugar to counter-balance the flavour

Drying & Smoking

To enable the flesh to absorb the oak smoke, the cured salmon fillets are dried, causing considerable weight loss. However this process ensures the finest slices can be carved. We smoke our salmon with pure oak shavings for over 10 hours that truly enhances the flavour of top quality salmon.

It is NOT Bleiker’s policy to use smoke flavoured sprays to shorten the smoking cycle and avoid the weight loss associated from traditional smoking and drying.