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Bleiker's ethics centre on doing the right thing socially, economically and environmentally whilst ensuring that our products are sustainable and of the highest quality & provenance.

We believe that the long-term future of our family owned and run business is embodied in three key principles:-

• Transparent and ethical behaviour.
• Respect the needs, interest and concerns of all stakeholder groups including   employees, suppliers, customers and our local community as well as the broader   economies and environments we operate in.
• A commitment to add economic, social and environmental value.


These three key principles facilitate a framework of our 12 core brand values that are embodied into everything we do:-

• We aim to uphold traditional skills and create products that are based on
  traditional recipes and/or methods to preserve our heritage as an authentic
• We are committed to ensure that our products are produced consistently to
  the highest quality standards and our staff training and development reflect our
  high standards.
• Wherever possible our products are free from artificial additives, preservatives,
  flavourings, hydrogenated fats or genetically modified ingredients.
• We want our employees and suppliers to earn a fair return on the commitments
  they make to help us produce a superior product.
• We will uphold strict ethical, security and health & safety standards with regards to
  the treatment of our workers and third parties working with our business.
• We seek to minimise environmental impact and maximise sustainability across
  our supply chain. We only source raw materials and packaging from suppliers who   mirror these ethics.
• We only buy farmed raw fish that enjoy a diet that reflects their natural instincts
  and are never fed growth hormones or use antibiotics. They are harvested and   slaughtered humanely.
• We always look to source and manufacture in a way that creates a positive social
  and economic impact whilst limiting the energy required producing and
  transporting what we make.
• We aim for the smallest environmental footprint for all our products. We source
  wherever possible our raw materials and packaging from the UK to minimise the   environmental and social impact and energy used in growing, rearing,
  manufacturing and transporting our products.
• We are committed to moving towards sustainable forms of energy and reducing
  waste levels in our entire supply chain.
• We will always seek recognised third party certification for our health & safety
• We will continue to increase the proportion of reusable or recyclable packaging
  of our products whilst always maintaining product safety and quality.